Greetz announces new visual identity to help become the ultimate thoughtful service in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, 16 May 2022 - Being thoughtful has become even easier with Greetz as the company announced its new visual identity reflecting its brand values. Greetz is all about creating meaningful, thoughtful moments with your family, loved ones and friends and the new brand identity is a key element in bringing this to life. Thanks to a number of smart innovations, Greetz customers will be able to enrich their relationships even more, with the perfect card and gift.

A birthday, a birth or (just) thinking about somebody: with Greetz you can really make a moment thoughtful for your loved ones. Life is all about special moments and this philosophy runs like a thread through Greetz’ renewed platform - sometimes even literally, the red-pink thread is an important new style element on the site.

Greetz positions itself as the ultimate thoughtful service in the Dutch market and its new visual identity reflects this: thoughtful and connective, creative and inspiring.

The new logo also matches this new direction, someone with a good eye can even recognise a letter ‘G’ for Greetz’ in the love heart at the centre of it. The characteristic serrated edge of the stamp was kept from the old logo for continuity, but it now features warm colours to reflect the importance of these special moments.

We continuously want to make it easier for people to find, personalise and send the perfect card and gift for every moment. We live in a world in which we automatically use apps to let our loved ones know we are thinking of them. But you can only make a moment thoughtful and personal when it is accompanied by real effort. Greetz wants to help you with that.

Alwin Snippe Marketing Director at Greetz

Greetz considers this thoughtful connection between people to be the essential part of its brand positioning.

A strong focus on thoughtfulness

The platform, which has been restyled as part of the rebranding, is fully dedicated to creating these thoughtful moments in our lives, offering the biggest collection of cards and gifts. Advanced search and filter functionalities enable numerous options, such as personalising a card or gift until it perfectly matches the occasion and/or the person you want to surprise.

Since its foundation in 2004, Greetz has seen considerable growth. Snippe: “The relevance of our platform has increased significantly. We believe that we can fulfil a meaningful role in the upcoming years too, by creating a platform fully dedicated to becoming the ultimate thoughtful service for the ones you love.”

Greetz’ new visual identity has been developed in collaboration with strategic design agency Wunder.

The new Greetz look and feel can be viewed here:

The latest Greetz TV ad: