We have transformed our business into a technology and data platform for gifting.

Moonpig Group is a leading international gifting platform with a rich history of innovation, growth and fun. It all began in April 2000 when moonpig.com was launched as the UK’s first online card retailer. The vision was simple: to create a better card than customers could find on the high street, by combining digital printing and the internet. As time went on, the Group expanded into card-attached gifting, adding flowers, off-the-shelf gifts and balloons to its range.

In 2018, the Group acquired Greetz, one of the Netherlands’ leading online card and gifting businesses. Greetz was founded in Amsterdam in 2004, since then it has established itself as a clear market leader in online cards with strong brand awareness.

On 5 February 2021, the Company was admitted to trading on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market for listed securities. This milestone reflects the Group’s position as a leading player in the gifting industry.

In July 2022, the Group completed the acquisition of Experiences, which operates the Red Letter Days and Buyagift brands. This acquisition was closely aligned to our strategy of becoming the ultimate gifting companion.

From 2018 onwards, the Group has invested in transforming itself into the world’s leading technology and data platform for gifting. This has involved several large foundational projects, including the migration of Greetz onto our unified technology platform and the opening of new, state-of-the-art operational facilities in Tamworth (UK) and Almere (Netherlands).

Since completing these foundational projects, the Group’s technology, data and product teams have focused on growth initiatives and product innovations, such as AI-generated ‘smart text’ greeting card messages, the ability to add personalised video and audio messages to cards and the ability to send group cards containing messages from multiple contributors.

Features launched in the last twelve months include Moonpig Plus and Greetz Plus membership subscriptions, digital gift experiences attached to an e-card, a range of physical gifts in Australia and retail gift cards in the US. In addition, we are testing the prototype Moonpig for Work solution for SME business-to-employee greeting cards and gifting.


  • Launched Greetz Plus subscriptions
  • Moonpig introduced same-day digital gifting with an e-card
  • Moonpig launched physical gift range in Australia and retail gift cards in the US


  • Launched digital gifting in greeting cards
  • Launched Moonpig Plus subscriptions
  • Launched innovative new card features, including video and audio messages, group cards and ‘smart text’ AI-generated messages


  • Moonpig launched in Ireland
  • Moonpig Group acquired Experiences (Red Letter Days and Buyagift)
  • Greetz completed its migration onto the unified technology platform
  • Greetz launched new iOS and Android apps
  • The Group opened new operational facilities in Tamworth (UK) and Almere (Netherlands)


  • Moonpig Group floated on the London Stock Exchange


  • Moonpig Group acquires Greetz


  • Greetz introduces flowers


  • Moonpig introduces gifts


  • Greetz is founded in the Netherlands


  • Moonpig, the first online greeting cards business, is founded

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