A unique combination of strengths and differentiators has established us as the online leader in cards and gifting, and make us perfectly placed to leverage opportunities for future growth.

Established market leading brands

We have four highly recognised brands and an active and loyal customer base. Our outstanding customer proposition and intuitive and personalised customer experience result in high levels of satisfaction and retention.

Exciting market opportunity

We are the leaders in a large addressable market that is rapidly moving online. Our existing scale and strong customer acquisition capabilities, along with our highly scalable model and track record for continuous growth, mean that we are uniquely positioned to lead the ongoing shift to online.

Proprietary technology platform and data science capabilities

Our leading technology platform and data science expertise enable us to optimise the customer experience and provide enhanced scalability and security, as well as creating high barriers to entry for competitors.

Proven operational excellence

We consistently deliver a seamless customer experience thanks to our intelligent operations network. Our flexible and resilient production, fulfilment and logistics network has allowed us to consistently scale our business in line with our strong revenue growth.

An outstanding and dedicated team

We have an experienced, dynamic and entrepreneurial team and a caring, high performance culture. From the leadership team to product developers, data scientists and more, our exceptional people enable us to deliver on our purpose and achieve our objective of transitioning into a holistic online gifting companion.

Standout financial model and track record

Our strong financials, demonstrated by revenue growth, consistent customer cohort retention, high profitability and robust cash generation, provide a solid foundation for our ongoing investment and ambitious growth plans.