Moonpig was founded with a goal to disrupt the traditional greetings industry. Two decades on, we are an established leader within the online gifting market, offering a wide range of products to customers across the UK, the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland.

The total gifting market in these countries is worth approximately £57 billion1. That covers consumer spending across our three segments: greeting cards, card-attached gifts and standalone gifts.


Spent on gifting in our markets in 20191

Greeting cards

Revenue from cards currently accounts for 52% of our business. The total card market is large and broadly stable, being worth approximately £2.0 billion across the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. Card purchasing remains non-cyclical, with changing macroeconomic conditions historically having minimal impact on consumer spending.


People purchased a greeting card during 20191


Moonpig UK market share among online card specialists in 20212


Greetz market share in the Netherlands among major online card players in 20212

OC&C estimates that for calendar year 2022, online penetration of the market will be approximately 16% in the UK and approximately 20% in the Netherlands2, and growing, further demonstrating the potential for future growth.

We remain the clear online market leader in cards. In calendar year 2021 Moonpig held a 68% market share in the UK2 among online card specialists, underpinned by 84% prompted brand awareness in April 2022. For calendar year 2021 Greetz had a 67% market share in the Netherlands2 among the top three online card players, as well as 72% brand awareness in April 2022.


UK online cards market penetration in 20212


Netherlands cards market online penetration in 20212

Total Addressable Gifting Market

The overall total addressable gifting market across the UK, the Netherlands and Ireland is £57 billion1 and includes both card-attached gifting and standalone gift purchases. It comprises £40 billion in the UK, £14 billion in the Netherlands and £3 billion in the Republic of Ireland1.

For the UK, this total addressable market included £6 billion relating to the gift experiences segment2 which is growing at a faster rate than total gifting as a result of the secular consumer trend towards experiential gifting such as days out, meals and activities. Specialist platforms such as Red Letter Days and Buyagift have consistently increased their share of the total gift experiences segment by providing assurance of quality together with superior choice and flexibility. With the leading platform in a large and fragmented market, we are well positioned to grow our share of the growing gift experiences market segment.

Card-attached gifting

Card-attached gifting makes up 43% of our business. The card-attached gifting market in our geographies is worth £24 billion2, with online purchases making up approximately 12.5%1 of that. The market is predicted to grow the fastest of our three product areas by 2024 and we expect it to provide a significant opportunity for the Group in the coming years.

Standalone gifts

Standalone gifts account for the final 5% of our business. Revenue from standalone gifts has grown steadily in recent years, and increased our average order value. There is potential to expand our focus on the standalone flowers and gifting categories, but growth in standalone gifting is not currently a strategic priority.

Other markets

We also sell products in the US and Australia, with local websites and operations networks tailored to those markets. Total gifting spend is approximately £158 billion for the United States1 and £22 billion for Australia1, and we believe we can expand our presence in these markets in the future.

1. Source: OC&C, estimates compiled for 2019 - download the December 2020 Market Report here.
2. Source: OC&C, estimates compiled for 2021 - download the June 2022 Market Update here.