The UK Government requires all legal entities with 250 or more employees to annually disclose their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is not the same thing as equal pay. Equal pay relates to men and women performing the same job but being paid differently, whereas the gender pay gap looks across all jobs at all levels within an organisation. Companies are required to disclose the median gender pay gap, and the mean gender pay gap, based on an annual “snapshot” of the employee population on 5 April.

The Gender Pay Gap report referred to below is the Group’s inaugural gender pay gap disclosure. We are pleased that the gender pay gap has narrowed year-on-year, on all measures, both for Limited and for Moonpig Group as a whole. This reflects the work that we have done to recruit new female talent into the Extended Leadership Team, together with continued progress in raising female representation in technology roles.

The gender pay gap at 5 April 2022 is largely due to relative under-representation of women in our technology function (which reflects the wider societal challenge of female under-representation in technical roles), together with the current gender composition of the Group Leadership Team.

Our long-term aim is to close the Group’s gender pay gap, through systemic action to balance gender representation across our business, as set out in ESG Goal 4 (leadership representation of women) and Goal 7 (female new hires into technology roles), however the impacts of these actions will take time to be fully realised.

Substantially all Moonpig Group employees participate in an annual bonus scheme, with payments made in July. The figures for the proportion of employees receiving a bonus (including the differences between male and female employees) reflect the fact that as at the snapshot date, employees hired during FY22 had not yet had their first annual bonus payment opportunity. This is especially the case during a period when the Group has expanded its number of employees.

The Gender Pay Gap report as at 5 April 2022, both for Limited and for Moonpig Group as a whole, is set out on pages 43 and 44 of Moonpig Group’s 2022 Annual Report and Accounts, which is hereby incorporated into this website by reference.

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I hereby confirm that the information set out in the Gender Pay Gap report as at 5 April 2022 is accurate.

Nickyl Raithatha
Chief Executive Officer, Moonpig Group