Greetz and N = Content launch new marketing campaign ‘For you’

The new marketing campaign by Greetz puts the value of personal connections centre stage. This is made tangible by linking the emotion of the receiver to the intention of the sender. In this campaign, we focused on showing real people with real stories.

Anne Stokvis, editor-in-chief N = Content: “Greetz has already been working with real people and stories in campaigns in recent years. But the focus was mainly on the recipient of the card. However, we know that the emotion starts with the effort someone makes for another, so there’s emotion on both sides, which makes that card really personal and valuable. We want to bring that deeper layer through the concept ‘For you’."

In the coming months, we will be bringing different stories under this campaign theme. In the first two campaigns, we see the story of Ghasem sharing his feelings on a card for his son Hamed for the first time. And Dennis, who wants to thank his father Martin after they went through a difficult time together.

Nothing beats personal connection

Last year, Greetz launched a new brand strategy with the promise: creating better, more personal, connections between people that care about each other.

Because in a world that is becoming more and more volatile, genuine attention is a scarce commodity. We experienced it more than ever in the last year.

To bring this strategy to life, Greetz chose N = Content as their creative and digital agency. The content label, part of N = 5, will bring the recently revised brand strategy to life.

Marianne Segeler from Greetz: “Greetz is the online destination for giving personal attention. Authenticity and emotion play an important role in this and the concept ‘For you’ fits perfectly with this. The strong conceptual thinking of N = Content in combination with the editorial strength means that we developed a strong and uplifting campaign. It helps us make people feel the power of emotional connections."